Driving Range

Of course, it’s not everyone who plays golf, which is why we created a special course – Driving Range.

Maybe you’re the new Tiger Woods – here you have the opportunity to put your talent to the test and challenge the small white golf ball. Try to hit it as close as possible to the 5 greens, each within a different distance. We have 10 open air courses and 10 roofed courses should it rain.

Price 3-10 Years 11+ Years
Driving Range
Prisen inkluder leje af jern
DKK 30,- DKK 30,-
Price Price
Driving Range
Leje af jern
DKK 10,-
Driving Range
1 polet = 30 bolde
DKK 20,-
Driving Range
10 poletter = 300 bolde
DKK 150,-