During the last 8 years, Golf & Fun Park has organised countless company picnics, holiday parties, bachelor parties, family parties, children’s birthday parties, the Card Club’s annual gathering, the girl club’s summer trip, and so on.

Call us for a quote for a festive day.

Company Event
Whether you need a team building session for the staff, to host a summer party, host a “kick-off” meeting or just need to get out and have fun, we’ll gladly arrange it. We can also provide food, accommodation and transport by bus, and we also have a covered patio for up to 50 people and a barbeque if you’d like.

Bachelor Parties
We have activities for both the boys and the girls for a whole day, filled with competitions or just pure comfort and at a very reasonable price.
PS: Our kiosk offers plenty of beverages.

Football Clubs
Since we started our Football Golf course in 2005, we’ve had the pleasure of quite a few football clubs. Many clubs visit us, for example, for the end of season, or simply as an alternative training session.

Men’s Clubs
Former colleagues, card clubs, fishing clubs, old fellow soldiers, all wanting to have fun and wanting to have a day out filled with fun competitions, can easily rely on us.

Girl Clubs
Girls actually also have clubs, where they go out and have fun and compete.