Football Golf

Football Golf is originally a Swedish invention.
The idea is pretty simple: Play “golf” with traditional Football balls without golf clubs, but with your legs as the “driver” and the “putter”.

The course lengths are between 35 and 195 metres, and each course has three starting spots, so that both the experienced, the less experienced and kids can join in on the fun.
We’ve wished to expand the Football Golf course for a while now, and in the season of 2010, we extended the course with 5 extra holes, so there is a total of 14 holes.
The course, which is 60,000 square metres, has plenty of natural obstacles, and during the last 5 years, we planted approximately 5,000 shrubs and trees.
In the season of 2013, we further extended the course with 4 holes, so now there are 18 holes.